Young talents selected according to the profiles desired by the client.

Reggiani Hunting’s Trainee Program start from the understanding that these young people at the beginning of their careers are chosen and prepared to be the client’s future outstanding professionals or the client’s future leaders.

Based on years of practical experience, Reggiani Hunting works with two approach keys:

  • Detailed understanding of the client’s cultural fit and needs;
  • Continuous availability of information and statistical analysis throughout the entire process, thus allowing the client to make decisions that ensure the expected results.

In joint work with the contracting HR, Reggiani Hunting maps the company’s history, its brand positioning, strategy, culture and its organizational bottlenecks. From there on, working together with the contracting HR, the expected profile of the trainees is defined, whether they are young people with “disruptive attitude” to provoke change or with “conservative behavior”, focused on processes and delivery.

Candidates are identified by sequential screening mechanisms, with online assessment tools (cold filter) and face-to face, on-line biographical interviews and group dynamics (hot filter). Selected candidates then interact with representatives of the client company, through a Panel with Managers, with the mediation of Reggiani Hunting consultants. The company then makes its final choice.


Reggiani Hunting still produces a “book” of each candidate, offers the feedback and support in the initial process of the program inside the client company.

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